Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gore gored

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Al Gore recently took his global warming crusade to the Daily Telegraph when he wrote a response to Chistopher Monckton's two article on the political and scientific dimensions of climate change. Restating many of the claims he made in his film, Gore also mixed in a healthy dose of personal attacks on Viscount Monkton's credibility and on any and all other skeptics -- defined as those who don't agree with Al Gore's rather dramatic view of global warming.

Well Viscount Monckton has replied to Mr. Gore. His commentary is available here and it is a much more comprehensive, substantiated and carefully nuanced response than Monckton was able to provide within the space confines of his newspaper articles.

Too many people still uncritically accept the global warming myth. Monckton's reply to Gore provides an excellent point by point deconstruction of the myth and the basis for both scientific and ideological skepticism of its claims to veracity.

Apparently not all skeptics are hired oil company lackeys: many are thoughtful sensible people who can actually read for themselves and distinguish truth from hype, fact from fiction and the abuse/misuse of science from real scholarship.

Science often becomes politicized. The trick is to be able to recognize what is science from that which is politics.