Saturday, January 20, 2007

The truth about organic food

Organic food is no healthier than ‘conventional’ food produced by industrial methods: neither is it better for the environment. These are the two main points in a recent post by Lyons, who examines the facts about organic food in contrast with the claims made by its advocates.

In some instances the data are clear, in some other instances they are either absent or subject to very selective interpretation. Not that organic food is harmful. Just more expensive, certainly an optional lifestyle choice, but not scientifically nor environmentally superior to regular, agri-business, supermarket produce. If you live in a rural, agricultural area (as I do) and you want to support your neighbours and the local economy by buying local, that appears to make sense to me. But don't succumb to the marketing push for "green" produce and the myth that buying organic will somehow "safe" the environment, as it is simply not true.