Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An Inconvienient truth

So right after the IPCC releases its Summary for Policy Makers on Friday, what's on the forefront of most people's minds in Ontario? Well climatologically speaking its the weather, specifically the ongoing cold spell currently enveloping Central Canada. Monday's temperature was a record low for London, Ontario. Previous record low? 1996. Strange, all that global warming and the record low for February 4 in London, Ontario is 2007. Next worst, 1996. Both in the past 20 years.

Bad timing.

As for the Summary itself, not much of a surprise. Disappointing that the science will follow three months later after it has been edited for conformity to the political message in the Summary. Disappointing that the discredited hockey stick is not totally laid to rest. Disappointing that the rhetoric is just as alarming and inflammatory. Disappointing to see the discourse swing so heavily towards catastrophe and away from adaptation.

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