Thursday, March 01, 2007

A new theory of climate change

Here is the link to the innovative work on cosmic rays and climate conducted at the Danish National Space Centre. The key scientist involved is Henrik Svensmark and he has collaborated with Nigel Calder to publish his work in a book intended for the general public entitled The Chilling Stars.

No comments yet, as I have just ordered a copy: once I've read it I'll post comments but the website does a good job of explaining the basics and the basics are quite contradictory to the supposed "consensus" of AGW. It seems the science is not yet settled.

Remember, the truth is not a popularity contest.

(Update posted Sunday March 4, 11:55 am)

And to reinforce this point, here are two links to a recent summation of scientific uncertainty regarding climate change issued by the Centre for Policy Studies in Britain. The articles offer an excellent and very readable precis of doubt concerning the attempts to foist scientific consensus where so much remains unclear and contradictory.