Monday, January 07, 2008

Mass media, mass conformity

We are awash with junk knowledge:

The hard reality is that if you want to understand anything -- the great currents of change at work on the planet or anything else for that matter -- you are going to have to invest time and energy in educating yourself on that subject. You are going to have to actively go looking for alternative sources of information, checking the provenance of sources, cross - checking for logical inconsistencies, vested interests etc. You are categorically not going to get it on a plate from the world's media.

Today's media is a loudhailer for politically correct mass hysteria and the witch hunts that follow in it its wake.

Powerful but true words, eloquently expressed in this post.

Two excellent illustrations are the posted exchanges in response to Tierney's query about weather alarmism and the continued efforts to pillory those who question climate dogma (which have prompted this response).

Still with climate orthodoxy, the refusal to allow for full disclosure and inclusion of perspectives at Bali and the continued absence of empirical data by advocates, are two more prominent examples of media conformity promoting a particular dogma.

The problem is, of course, rooted in the failings of contemporary education which promote:

  • conformity over individual thought
  • compliance over creative expression
  • test scores for the memorization of knowledge over the evaluation of creative application of learning
As Kierkegaard remarked: People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.