Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Validating AGW skepticism

An update to my earlier post on all the cold weather being experienced around the world: it seems the cooling
recorded this year exceeds all the climate warming measured for the past 100 years. Total cooling this year ranges from 0.6C to 0.75C: all in one year, the fastest temperature change ever recorded and it was cooling.

As noted by commentators on the original post:
  • This drop in temperature is certainly very unusual. The fall of 0.595 degrees since Jan 2007 is the largest January-to-January drop in HAD CRU3 since 1875, and the biggest drop for any 12-month interval since -0.681 degrees in February 1974.
  • The January temperature is the lowest for any month since 1994, and the lowest for a month unaffected by volcanic eruptions in 20 years.
  • January 2008 was cooler than January 1932, even after all the downwards adjustments they have applied to the old data.
  • Drop about another .5C, and we’re basically back to where we were in the mid-late 1800s when the Little Ice Age ended.
  • I’m amazed that no one else is commenting on the NH land (where 90% of people live) average temp falling 2.4C (jan 2007 to jan 2008) in 12 months.
  • The IPCC is saying we will get that amount of warming in 50 years and it will be a catastrophe. Yet, we get that amount of cooling in a year and no one bats an eyelid.
Climate change. Dynamic, natural and larger in magnitude than any human modification.

Its just
a hypothesis, as this one year of data are not a trend. But it is a hypothesis that does fit all the facts, historical trends and present observations. And it does so without caveats, proscribed constants as explanatory variables or any consensus on what politically approved activities should and should not be counted as relevant.

Who knows, maybe it will even cause us to pause and re-consider just what we know about:

As a minimum, it would suggest the science is still far from settled and certainly remains insufficient for the type of social engineering AGW advocates would seek to justify through its co-optation .