Friday, June 20, 2008

Junk Science

The Financial Post has run a series of articles this week to highlight Junk Science and its prevalence within contemporary policy making.

Illustrative examples included:
Sadly, these examples all show how science is utilized ideologically to promote an agenda of environmental hysteria and variously ignore or minimize significant benefits and aspects of human progress and advancement.

Despite the fact that Malthus has been proved wrong time and time again, environmental activism and politics are characterized by the persistant recycling of limits and austerity, rather than innovation and prosperity.

At least. now, in Canada, the political landscape has been clarified: the centralized, tax and impoverishment folly of Stephane Dion's proposed carbon tax on one side, and those who consider such a tax to be the height of practical, economic and political folly on the other.

Perhaps what is needed is some well-funded, peer-reviewed science to examine the issue....

At this point one really begins to appreciate the simple truth behind the Disney ride "Its a small, small world": stand still and all this will pass you by again on the next cycle....

If and when Mr. Dion ever gets the courage to back his convictions, Canada will have another Federal election, and perhaps here too, the regular voting stiff will think for him or herself and reject elitist stupidity precisely because it is both elitist and stupid (go Ireland!).

Before that, the US will have had its election and it will be interesting to see if the media can just ordain a new president or if they will actually have to have an election first: and what happens if the people elect the "wrong" guy (again)?

Democracy is funny that way: it is really all the people who get to vote and not just those who think they know better than every one about how people should think, and what they should think. Given a choice, people will usually opt for freedom over servitude.