Monday, July 07, 2008

Have biofuels caused food crisis?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the recent push into biofuels has had a dramatic and disastrous effect on world food prices, with the most adverse effect on the world's poor. And with that realization has come the rush to consign blame. If nothing else, today's society is guided by censure, not creativity.

This report details some of the factors, but is focussed on pinning the blame on George Bush. But that is only one ideological lens through which the issue can be framed.

Another might be to ask why the push for biofuels in the first place?

And that lens of analysis leads solidly to the dangers of the AGW myth and the inherent dangers of seeking to solve a non-problem and in turn creating a very real, observable problem instead.

Enough to convince anyone to turn skeptic