Friday, August 01, 2008

A million blogging warnings to a lazy media

Andrew Bolt has these comments on the role of blogs as a forum for debate on current public policy issues where the mainstream media seeks to close thinking rather than open minds:
  • It's a gap caused by the media's refusal - on the grounds of fashion or faith - to cover both sides of issues that actually have people hopping.
  • But what has boosted my blog numbers far more is another issue the MSM won't cover fairly, preferring to preach rather than inform.
  • Global warming is still so ingrained a faith in journalism that to question it is not just proof of stupidity, but evil. But again the blogs - not just mine, but several overseas - have filled the gap, fact-checking the warming preachers, and telling readers of the dissenting scientists that the MSM won't touch.
  • ...blogs like mine have given frustrated academics, even from India and Canada, a place to send dissenting material on global warming that much of the media prefers to ignore. A debate the media often says is "over" is on again. Thanks to blogs.
Just as voter numbers attract political attention, one million readers attracts media reaction.  Slowly, other journalists are beginning to ask questions and do their own research: not just on the affiliations of those posing dissenting opinions but to the substance of their remarks.  Funny thing about climate dissent: the more you examine it, the more substantive it becomes. Truth is funny that way.