Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ontario's green energy "plan"

  • Already famous as a green nanny state, where every course at every school is to be larded with environmental propaganda, Ontario is now set to become a kind of green fascist state.
An election can not come soon enough in my home province of Ontario. The present government has introduced new proposals that aim to make Ontario 'a leading green economy in North America', which is a euphemism for a quasi-religious pledge to achieve fiscal suicide on an alter of green-washing.

Ontario does have an abundance of cheap energy: hydro, nuclear and coal. None of which are fashionable for today's green dogma which promotes in-efficient, expensive and utterly useless for large scale utility "options" of wind, solar and biomass.

For those unfamiliar with Ontario, it gets really cold snaps in the winter when the arctic high sits unmoving over the province: unmoving as in still, dormant, crystal clear air with no wind -- when its coldest there will be no wind power. No problem, peak demand is in the summer humidity, when power surges as consumers survive the haze, heat and humidity with a little invention known to civilization as air conditioning. Hot, hazy and humid because the summer humidity is a function of a stationary air mass full of moisture from the Great Lakes: yep, peak demand, no wind power.

So not only is the stuff really expensive, its not even available when most needed which means you still have to have the same alternative supply options for system stability you would have had without the addition, and expense, of the useless but supposedly "green" alternatives.

Just once, I would like a green advocate to actually read the meaning of sustainability which has three imperatives:
  • environmental accountability
  • social equity, AND
  • economic efficiency.
One can not be efficient until one is firstly effective -- the so called green energy options are not effective suppliers of reliable, regional electricity. They are neither effective nor cost-efficient.

Look it up. Anywhere in the world, wind, solar and biomass are not the most efficient nor most effective options for energy provision. They are, however, the most subsidized, most authoritarian and most idealized projects advocated by those who stand to profit from them politically, ideologically and economically.

Perhaps that's the new meaning to "green": selfishness and profit under the guise of dogmatic deceit.

But Ontario is not alone. Many are awakening to the realization that their elected government has, gasp,
  • ... a promiscuous unwillingness to set priorities and accept trade-offs. There is evidence of a party swept up in its own revolutionary fervor — caught up in the self-flattering belief that history has called upon it to solve all problems at once.
Social engineering is always an endeavor of the ruling elite, imposed on the rest of society, using the power granted them by the well-meaning but brain-washed, politically correct, moderate majority. In its current manifestation, the political dogma employed by all seeking to impose such schemes is green-washing.