Thursday, January 07, 2010

live by the sword....

It is fashionable amongst some eco-activists to refer to themselves as eco-warrriors.  In deference to real troops who fight, and die, to protect people's freedom, I have a problem with the self aggrandizement that activists seek to confer upon themselves with this label.  

No matter: if its warriors they wish to be then this is what they can expect:

It appears many of the activists are quick to dish it out but appear shocked that anyone should respond in kind.  Not that hypocrisy is new to eco-activism.

Looking at the issue beyond the immediate conflict, a number of questions arise:
  • how many of the lay public who give money in support of such eco-activism are aware that their money is being used so that, in the name of the environment, young people can roam the oceans of the world in a competitive power boat?
  • what is the carbon footprint of the power boat? (sorry, I was forgetting that carbon is so yesterday)
  • geography pop quiz: you want to make a media splash about whaling, do you get a boat and protest  (a) Icelandic or Norwegian activity in the North Atlantic, or (b) Japanese activity in the South Pacific?
Not a lot of "eco" and certainly no "warriors".