Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Climategate 3.0

Any good sequel will spawn its own sequel, and so it is with Climategate. Apparently there is indeed a Climateate 3.0, although the biggest impact of this latest revelation is the accompanying letter which confirms the leak was that, a leak, and the actions of a civic minded single individual and not the manifestation of an oil funded, massive conspiracy.  Another myth laid to rest.

In the real world, Climategate has served to help shift the climate narrative away from AGW alarmism and into a more considered re-assessment of green-inspired energy  lunacy policy.  

Sadly, in the halls of academia, Climategate is rarely mentioned, never discussed and, especially, not brought to the attention of tender, impressionable undergraduates for fear they loose their faith in the environmental dogma most courses still spoon feed to their compliant stooges more focused on strategic education (is this on the exam?) than deep learning.

As always, truth will out and inquiring minds will re-assert the necessity for academia to actually practice critical thinking rather than merely espouse its virtues.