Wednesday, June 20, 2007

things to think about

Two items that caught my attention this week. The first was one in a series of newspaper ads from the automotive sector pointing out that new cars and trucks represent 1% of greenhouse and smog emissions in Canada and that the total number of 19 million vehicles in the country only account for 13% of total greenhouse emissions and 10% of smog-related emissions. The second was a post pointing out that China, and not the US, is now the world's largest source of greenhouse gasses.

Now, I am clearly not in agreement that AGW is our biggest nor most pressing environmental issue, but these two snippets to point to the reality that those who do believe in the AGW thesis must also accommodate. Targeting western lifestyles, automobiles and air traffic is a moralistic indictment, not one that will actually lower greenhouse gasses to any significant extent.

The next greenie who seeks to chastise your economic choices, ask what science they are reading. Then give them this to read and suggest they adopt a more positive, environmental approach.