Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Carbon-offsetting, eco-enslavement and two shades of hypocrisy

OK this will require some work on your part to connect the dots formed by these three articles that appear (at least to me) to be inter-related by more than one theme.
First, is this discussion of the hypocrisy implicit in carbon offsetting by western, jet-set politicians: their lifestyle justified by the archaic farm methods of some poor soul in the third-world.
Second, is the political hypocrisy exposed by politicians leasing luxury vehicles at tax payers expense and their failure to read legislation thoroughly enough to recognize an amendment curtailing their perk.
And, third, is a wonderful discussion of the denial and excuses exhibited by the liberal MSM and leftists when faced with evidence of hypocrisy by  their own ideologues and heroes.
So the obvious link is hypocrisy and the predisposition of certain ideologies to justify  actions, rather than being accountable for them. The result is an ideology defined by the use of situational ethics, a pervasive ethos that the end justifies the means and that individuals "at the thick end of interventions" are not bound by the same rules as the rest of us. 
Not as readily apparent but just as damning, is the integrated fields into which this ethos applies: politics, media, environmentalism, education....the whole communication and portrayal of the dominant ideology of public discourse is covered by the three articles above. 
It is not "say what I mean, mean what I say and do it" at all.  Rather it is, spin, spin and more spin, so that the public is so dizzy, so dazzled that they apologise for having the temerity for even thinking of questioning those so obviously beyond reproach by the sheer importance of what they do and who they are. 
In case you're wondering, in today's play the good guys wear green hats (its the new white) and the bad guys still dress in black just like they did in the old westerns of John Wayne and Randolph Scott.  And just like in "The Truman Show" the world can be perfect if we just remember our lines, follow directions and stay in our places: of course its not real, not authentic and not sustainable, but it is a show for mass consumption with lots of advertising placements for "approved" items like windmills, organic foods and celebrity-endorsed, eco-friendly causes.
Or not.  Our choice.  Eco-enslavement or personal freedom.  Your choice.