Monday, September 10, 2007

The hot trend is cool yachts

The latest in a series of technical solutions to dramatic climate change is a proposal to seed clouds with sea spray, thus increasing the cooling effects of clouds.

What is intriguing about the proposal is not just it's potential feasibility but the reaction of many key "stakeholders" to the proposal.

Rather than advocate further study, feasibility analysis and otherwise exhibiting an enthusiastic embrace for a green-friendly option for curtailing the threat of climate change, the reaction has been to cast aspersions at any technical solution. Why is harder for people to understand, but it comes from a ideological perspective that denies the advantages that technological innovation holds for humanity, preferring to demise technology as the bane of human existence and preach deprivation and suffering as human penance for its ingenuity.

It's not clear whether or not ocean yachts can dramatically alter climatic change: but it is clear that it is an idea equally if not more feasible in its actual impact than any of the much advocated carbon offsets. taxes or otherwise neutral carbon society proposals.