Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gore Dodges Repeated Calls to Debate Global Warming

Interesting contrast in perspectives: most climate sceptics are happy, able and willing to appear, discuss and debate their beliefs about climate change and their reasoning for not subscribing to the dogma of fear and precautionary sacrifice of human prosperity on the alter of environmental ideology and totalitarian control. In contrast, leading dogmatists, doomsayers and purveyors of climate fear, appear to have developed a pronounced case of cold feet, unwilling to appear in any forum where their views might be scrutinized.

Interesting again, is the range of public challenges now extant to the Oscar hungry Gore: could it be that global warming has now fully morphed into climate change and emerged as a "newly-discovered" concern over pending societal doom and decay due to....well we don't really know but there's lots of candidates that pundits would have you blame, such as:
Shock Capitalism (Naomi Klein), the End of Ingenuity (Thomas Homer-Dixon), an Assault on Reason (Gore) or George Bush (the mainstream media).

Alternatively, it could just be that the human race is in the midst of an unprecedented period of prosperity, technological innovation and democratic reform leading to unprecedented levels of life expectancy, human welfare and environmental quality.

Not perfect yet. Far from it. But better than at any other time in human history. Just maybe.