Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Positive globalization and plumbing

Here is the latest in an excellent series of articles by Alvaro Llosa on the effects of globalization and the positive impacts of capitalism in effecting real change and development.
Those who are reluctant to acknowledge this progress often resort to alleged ecomyths and crises as a rationale for curtailing the progressive march of globalization.  Lately, much has been made of the supposed "water shortage" facing the earth.  Not only is this claim patently absurd given the physical nature of the planet, it also completely misses the real question of water and poverty: why do so many people in the world still lack proper santitation?
Forget climate change. Forget habitat destruction, deforestation, species loss and ozone levels: what the world really needs for a measurable improvement in environmental health is more plumbing.  Not nearly as sexy.  Definitely not something that requires any more study, awareness creation nor advocacy: just active intervention, application and commitment. 
To know and not to do, is to not know.  The environment is not something to be just talked about, it is something that requires action, even if that activity is as unglamorous as providing plumbing and installing toilets.