Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't fight, adapt

The response of those still willing to think for themselves and tackle the climate magisterium despite the continued Bali hype is this letter published today.
Adaptation, not control. 
Adaptation, adjustment, learning, sustained growth and prosperity: good goals, good political virtues and an ideological perspective actually supported by the science. 
As this summary suggests, the letter is a call to reason:
  • The points of agreement in the letter are broad and by now all too familiar. They dispute the IPCC science process, argue against the existence of consensus and reject claims of abnormal climate change. Much new climate science research has also emerged since the last IPCC reports were written, undermining the official science. The IPCC reports, they say, are "materially outdated."

    This call to reason is obviously no match for Al Gore in the global competition for attention over climate change. It contains no warning of looming Armageddon. It offers no choice between oblivion and salvation. It simply suggests that Bali and the whole IPCC process is a big mistake that will ultimately be futile.