Thursday, December 06, 2007

Progress is a risk that must be run

Growth is essential to sustainability.  Successful adaptation to change is the defining characteristic of sustainability.  So, we can either embrace the future as an opportunity for learning (dynamism), or seek to suppress and control change out of precautionary fear (stasis).  Two articles today that indicate the battle over the future often comprises one step forward and two step backwards .  A common link between both articles is the engagement of individuals to overcome stasis constraints and promote positive change and individual freedom.
In contrast, the mainstream that doesn't what the responsibility for individual thought and action, will continue to act as sheep (or goats) in response to mass media campaigns.
Stasis reaction will always have the appeal of unaccountability to complement its axiomatic solutions.  Remember, any agency charged with a certain mandate has a vested interest in acting on but not resolving the problem that led to its formation.  If the IPCC, Oxfam or the applicable Department of Unemployment solved the issue they "manage", they would no longer be necessary.  A foundational construct within any bureaucracy remains: first expand the size and mandate of your agency -- sustain your own existence. 
Bureaucracies do not solve problems, they perpetuate their continued existence.