Thursday, April 17, 2008

Samizdata quote of the day

It is not the level of wealth that makes us happy. Instead, it is the process of betterment - the pursuit of it - that makes us happy. Whether we are twice as rich today as in 1971 has little bearing on our happiness, because it is in the past. Whether people can see their lives improving in the future is what counts. That is why economic growth remains a key component in happiness, despite what the happiness researchers might tell us.

- Alex Singleton, Comment is Free

This was the quote of the day on Samizdata which I present with very little commentary other than it is my rebuttal to those new readers who felt so vehemently offended by what I had written on other posts that they wrote comments I found offensive (WITH ABUSUVE LANGUAGE IN CAPITALS) so much so I have suspended comments until I feel disposed to tackle the abuse once more.

Meanwhile, here is the prevailing ideology for this site: if you like it and are open minded, please do read on, if not, don't let the browser hit you on the way out. Some will, some won't, so!