Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Global Warming: Mostly Hot Air

Two complementary posts today that require very little comment and deserve wide distribution.
The first is a summation about climate change alarmism and the fact that the data are not in support of that strange amalgam of pseudo-science, crystal ball gazing, and mass hysteria that was formerly known as global warming.
Lest anyone perceive the facts to be merely a temporary inconvenience, an empirical blip in the dogma of accepted wisdom and truth, here is a post suggesting that anyone be prohibited from reporting on climate change until they have both watched and assimilated the teachings in the lecture by Bob Carter available on YouTube (here and here: also permanently linked on the sidebar to this blog).
My favourite line in Bob Carter's talk is when he refutes the cause and effect claims of carbon dioxide on temperature as akin to saying lung cancer causes smoking (n.b. throughout history, temperature increases have always preceded any increases in carbon dioxide levels).
As stated, both posts deserve wide dissemination.  Who knows, they may even incite reflection, discussion and, insightful political analysis