Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lessons of the Quaternary

I love blog posts like this one that explain the science and increase awareness of what scientific research is discovering.

What it does not do, is use science as a smokescreen to hide behind. It does not seek to build science up as a vague, inaccessible authority that regular people should best avoid and leave to the experts and it does not develop the science as all-knowing myth to justify a priori ideas and beliefs. What this blog shows is that there is a lot to learn from science and little to fear.

Sadly, there is a lot to fear about how science is taught, how it is presented and how it is framed. In short, how it is politicized.

  • The Quaternary has a lot to tell us about how the climate system behaves in warm and cold periods, and while we at World Climate Report are listening, we suspect the global warming crusade will have little to do with the lessons of the Quaternary.