Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Air Vent

Haven't posted lately as the blogosphere has been fairly quiet and most of what has been written, we have read and discussed before.  For example, there is yet another big climate conference going on (this time in Poland) and all the usual press release stuff was issued to drum up support and entice hordes to protest -- except the mainstream media hasn't fallen in line so much, the items were not really newsworthy (especially with the Mumbai terrorism, the Obama fawn fest in the US and Canada's contribution to political shenanigans), thousands did not bother to protest and, the killer blow, the weather has seen a bitter, early winter in the prime Northern hemisphere media markets -- tough to sell AGW anymore.
However, in wandering around the internet, I did come across what was a new site for me and I found it had a number of very useful posts, comments and summaries -- "because the world needs another opinion".  Good motto, good site.