Friday, December 12, 2008

We choose who we associate with

I was always taught that we are today who we will be in five years time apart from the books we read, what we listen to and who we associate with.  Reading develops our ideas, keeps the mind open and not closed.  What we listen to affects our attitude and our attitude determines our altitude.  Lastly, we choose who we associate with: those who seek to edify, encourage, create, praise and promote, or those who criticize, censure or vilify.
So, today, I am proud to continue to affirm my association with the growing number of experts who dissent from the AGW ideology, have the courage to think independently of the prevailing paradigm and reject dogma in favor of reasoned thought and action.
The 650 experts recognized in the EPW report are not a unified, homogeneous group.  They represent a range of perspectives and opinions.  I doubt that they conform to any specific consensus, except for their wariness and rejection of the notion that science should ever be based on consensus politics.