Friday, April 17, 2009

Not evil, just wrong

By the time students in Ontario get to my second year class in resource management and environment, many have seen the Al Gore film Inconvenient Truth several times -- most not by choice, but as part of their high school indoctrination.  I say indoctrination as few even know that any films with a contrary or alternate perspective exist: fewer still have seen The Great Global Warming Swindle or had its existence mentioned in those same high school classes.
A new documentary seeks to rectify this situation.  Entitled Not Evil, Just Wrong the film seeks to receive the same exposure and promotion within the educational system that Gore's awful film benefited from.
This may seem to be a far reach and naive optimism.  But grass-roots opposition to stasist dogma is experiencing a new revival.  The people, it appears do not wish to be fooled all of the time and want to express their displeasure.  It might be hard for constituents to connect with their elected representatives, busy on state business as they are, but news travels fast.