Saturday, April 18, 2009

What the Tea Parties Represent

Since the mainstream media in North America has sought to either (a) ignore or (b) mis-represent the wave of Tea Parties that took place this past week, I thought it would be useful for those both inside and outside of North America to get a little heads up on the transformation of politics that has started and will gain increasing momentum as stasist edicts continue to vex people's common sense:
  • The protests were about prohibitively high tax rates, yes. But they were also about exponentially increasing debt; the punishment of hard work and success through confiscatory government policy; the replacement of age-old American equality of opportunity by government-mandated equality of outcome; and — perhaps most importantly — the current attempts by liberal politicians to inject government into the daily life decisions of ordinary American citizens.
Stasis is all about equality of outcome: doesn't matter what you do or who you are, everyone gets the same result.  Which history shows is varying degrees of poverty.
Dynamism is all about equity of opportunity: each person deserves the opportunity to maximize their abilities and efforts and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Some will, some won't: society as a whole prospers, wealth accumulates differentially, but wealth does accumulate.