Thursday, November 03, 2016

Intellectual Yet Idiot

Elites favor democracy only as long as it suborns their abuse of power. Any deviation they consider invalid or stupid. Brexit + the imminent election of Trump signify an electorate re-asserting control over democracy at the expense of a power elite abusing the power of office for personal advancement + profit. 

Trump never positions himself as a paragon of virtue. His appeal is his express willingness to hold the beltway cabal to account for all the collusion + corruption that the Wikileaks and Clinton scandals are revealing. The Clinton Foundation has clearly only ever been a vehicle for graft. If there is no malfeasance, why the illegal server, the deletion of email records and the clumsy intervention of the Obama + Lynch DOJ to obstruct the FBI investigations? Lastly, if the abuse of power is not indictment enough, people still want to find ways to excuse the cabal rather than amend their view or accept that a cleansing of the system is paramount. 

Not unsurprisingly, I find so many who are virulently anti-Trump are the same people who thought Trudeau as PM was a good idea, Wynne as Premier was necessary and that climate is actually a pressing political issue. IYI.