Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mouthwash for a smokestack

Forget replacing lightbulbs (a symbolic gesture to bring the "problem" to light, so to speak) if reducing carbon dioxide emissions is ever to be achieved it will be through technological change in areas were emissions are large. This technology is progressing beyond the development stage and offers intriguing possibilities, especially for retro-fitting old generating stations and for the likely addition of new power: how does the efficient provision of new technology alter the public perception of various power generating options such as coal, natural gas and nuclear versus more expensive, less efficient but green-advocated options such as wind, tidal, solar etc.?

Meanwhile, the public relations framing on climate continues, with a release from the UK Met Office cashing in on higher than seasonable temperatures in Britain to proclaim April 2007 as the warmest on record. To which the JunkScience site responds:
  • What didn't make the release:
  • "Mean Central England Temperature ranked coldest to warmest from 1659 to 2007",

    Warmest January to date is 1916, second warmest, 1796
    Warmest February to date is 1779, second warmest, 1869
    Warmest March to date is 1957, second warmest, 1938
  • This is the warmest April at 11.1, (provisional), beating the previous warmest, 10.6, in 1865, 143 years ago. Half a degree in 143 years, 0.035 degrees per decade. Wow, that's hot. CO2 really piles on the heat