Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ponder the Maunder:update

Kristen Byrnes has this update to her website, Ponder the Maunder. It is an essay she wrote in response to the many emails she received from parents and students who had been shown Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" at school. Kristen's essay is, as usual, thorough in its research, well written and cogent. It is also a lesson in the difference between what education is and what it should be.

My question is: how many teachers who have presented Inconvenient Truth to their classes, also took the time to research item by item its veracity? Who is the student here and who is the teacher?

I expect Kristen will have her choice of university: I certainly hope so, as she is just the type of student every program needs: bright, articulate and most of all, an independent thinker.

And for those who still choke on receiving an education from a high-schooler, here is the latest post discussing the increasing level of skepticism on AGW and why it is increasing.