Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Same topics: new voices

Wanted to post some different sites, new to me but with a consistent theme: contemporary environmentalism and its message.
  • a retired professor questioning the oft-cited sustainable population advocated by environmentalists
  • a conservative blog pointing out environmental hypocrisy, and
  • one of the most controversial right-wing commentators on climate change
For those who think spiked and Tech Central are extreme, recognize that the ideological spectrum extends a long ways, both left and right. On a spectrum from dynamist to stasist, dynamism covers a lot of diverse ideas about libertarianism, rational anarchy and individual empowerment -- just as stasism includes all manner of authoritarianisms, command and control advocates, technocrats, environmental idealists and social democrats.
Labels are useful descriptors but should not be used to pre-define content, acceptability nor our openness to read, understand and appreciate perspective.

update: and some stuff you just can't make up, see here and here