Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chavez and the intellectual fraud of "high modernism"

What is wrong with a stasist approach to management?  Well other than the suppression of freedoms and liberty, the promotion of censure and the abdication of personal responsibility, this article  on the latest project of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela clearly describes some of the key concerns. 
Stasis is all about control and the exercise of power over people.  Invariably it is fused with a notion that those in control are smarter, more enlightened and otherwise more knowing than those they exert power over.  In the name of a socialist ideal, stasis is, at its heart, an elitist ideology.  Not only is this objectionable as an ideology, it also is fundamentally flawed i that none of these dictatorial plans for socialist utopia have ever worked.
Personally, I prefer a politician from the used-car salesman school: someone who understands, or at least has experience with, the vagaries of human nature.  Much rather a salesman of limited intellect who knows who and what they are, than an academic or an intellectual with illusions of grandeur and visions of personal legacy at the expense of the populace.