Friday, November 09, 2007

Climate Audit - by Steve McIntyre

Congratulations to Climate Audit which took home the vote as Best Science Blog at the 2007 weblog awards (out polling even those in the Best Blog category).

Interestingly, the vote stirred up a lot of controversy, not least of which was the "science" character of Climate Audit, the tenor of which did much to illuminate both the ignorance and prejudice of those making the claims. In particular, I liked the quick way people sought to dismiss and minimize a blog that had not even read.

No matter, Climate Audit was voted #1.
The strength and value of Steve McIntryre's work and of the Climate Audit blog (with its vociferous comment section and band or regular contributors) is clearly demonstrated in these posts, here , here, and here, and are further validated by this published paper by Holland.
The Hockey Stick is broken. Temperature data are not conclusive in their support of the AGW hypothesis. And, perhaps (maybe) a greater sense of accountability and due diligence might be emerging in climate science.

All of these factors are attributable to the efforts of Steve McIntrye and Ross McKittrick, given wider awareness by the #1 Science Blog, Climate Audit.