Monday, November 26, 2007

IPCC: separating fact from fright

Increasingly the true scientific picture around climate change is emerging.  As it does, advocated of fear are having to change their tune or risk being revealed for the hype-merchants they are.  This latest example illustrates the stark contrast between the science of the IPCC reports and the political media releases still employed to hype fear.
Advocates of AGW have long argued that people pay attention to the science.  Well now that science is no longer extreme enough in its message, those advocates are not redressing their rhetoric, toning down their invective nor adjusting their slide shows.  Instead, they are seeking a last gasp attempt to enforce drastic reactions and seeking to stoke the embers of steadily declining fire of fright they have constructed.
All that remains is for another ecomyth to emerge and take centre stage in political consciousness and the whole global warming circus will find its tent empty and another sideshow sucking up the government funding, the media attention and the political soundbites.  Won't be long now.