Friday, April 13, 2007

Environmentalism as enslavement

Some snippets from today's blogoshpere that reflect a common theme:
  • Our culture has been so dominated by scientism that there is a tendency to equate scientific conclusions with objective reality.
  • The religious nature of the global warming cult... both quotes from an excellent article on the global warming jihad by Butler Shaffer
  • climatology a complete, developed, mature science? Is it the kind of science that is capable of making accurate, reliable predictions? Is the field of climatology, in its current state, capable of producing "settled science" on any broad conclusion?...from a provocative article that poses the basic question about the state of climatology
  • ...what motivates the majority of the global warming community. What may have started as the observance of science and environmentalism has now progressed to the level of a cultish religion...from an excellent discussion by Paul Ibbetson.
  • If Rachel Carson were still alive, April 12 would have been her 100th birthday. All over the Western World well-meaning, but misguided, souls marked that day with choruses of praise for the woman who almost singly-handed created the modern environmental movement...from a post by Dennis Avery.
The theme? That environmentalism has become a religion that uses science to bolster its ideological premises and dogma, presented to us by a procession of gurus whose zeal exceeds their understanding and that its political polemics have become so integral to our society that its tenets are assumed to be axiomatic.

This blog exists to question this intellectual hegemony. It functions by mining the blogosphere for those little patches of light, of intellectual insight, free-thought and common sense that will allow someone seeking to think for themselves the supporting information they need to bolster their intuition and courage to resist the conformity demanded by today's contemporary environmentalism.

Free will is a gift to all humans that should be encouraged and fostered. Our educational and political institutions should be in the business of empowering the individual. Environmental awareness should and could be part of that empowerment.

Sadly, as practiced today, ideological environmentalism does not focus on individual empowerment. Rather it has become a cult religion complete with high priests, conforming rituals and controlling dogma: contemporary environmentalism does not empower the individual -- it regulates, controls and subjugates them to the directives of an elite, a special cadre of state, disciplinary and/or bureaucratic managers of thought, behaviour and life. In short, it seeks to enslave the individual within a prescribed, precautionary, regulated and safe environment without the inherent "dangers" of free-will. Much like the ideal world inhabited by the clones in the movie The Island.

Certainly not my idea of a brave new world.