Monday, April 30, 2007

Mars warming

This little news snippet hit the mainstream press over the weekend. The fact that Mars also is warming has been known for some time: what is interesting is that the seemingly obvious, scientific explanation for its warming (the sun) is even questioned. Of course to concede that sun activity is warming Mars is to validate those same effects here on Earth: which greatly diminishes the credibility of the AGW hypothesis. What is fascinating is the lengths proponents of anthropogenic global warming resort to in response to facts such as Mars is warming too. At this point, the facts don't count: we have our answer, our religion and our priests.

Lest we think this kind of wilful ignorance and blindness to the truth exists only in environmentalism, here is a more serious case of injustice and character assassination.
The link between the two unrelated instances is the resistance to truth embedded within certain ideologies.