Thursday, July 19, 2007

Carnival of Climate Change

New website, with a lot of good, useful and uniformly skeptical links on climate change.
They also say some nice things about ecomyths and I am grateful for their recognition as I am to all the people who stop by and read my posts. I hope that ecomyths will continue to provide ideas for thought, ways to think and organize beliefs, and continued inspiration for those who are not convinced that everything they are being told they should believe is in fact what they believe.

I remember reading once that it is not important what your faith is, only that you have faith -- you do have strong convictions and live your life consistent with those convictions, to be the best you, you can be. The corollary to this ideology is that we then respect the views of others, especially when they differ to ours. This is not a blog asking everyone to agree with me, to think as I do. (wow, that's a relief for some!).

It is a blog that wants passionately for people to know what they believe, to have clear faith, to have hope and optimism for a brighter, better tomorrow. Mostly this blog is a passionate appeal for individual freedom and responsibility, for the ordinary and the exceptional amongst us to reject the conformity and dogma of blind obedience to authority and learnt ignorance, to reject apathy and to overcome the oppressive complacency of much of society that would confine us to a stasist future derided by Orwell, Heinlein and Hayek.

The only way I know how to do that is to learn for oneself. Learning means reading and reading needs help to sort out the useful from the confining. Sadly, having spent my entire life in education, first as a student and now as a teacher, I know only too well that even education discourages individual thinking.

So, big question of the day: why is it that so many are scared to think for themselves?

The only two real shortages in the world are common sense and real leadership.

Want to change the world? Facilitate the realization of common sense (it starts with personal responsibility for everything we do) and develop better leaders -- people who empower others not those who want power over others.