Monday, July 23, 2007

dispatches from TJICistan

Quick lesson in blog geography, networking journeys that come from tripping over blogs that a new to you and following through.

Started here with some fun dispatches from TJICistan, which led me here to an economics blog with good insights and then to here with a comparative discussion/data set on global economic freedom.

And if the terrain gets too strenuous, you can stop, as I did, here for a little discussion on the real Cuba and the wealth disparity between Fidel and ordinary citizens in socialist paradise (and yes, before you comment, I have visited Cuba on three occasions, and find a lot of credibility in what the real Cuba website documents).

Four websites, all with economics, freedom and development as central themes: the blogosphere is huge and you can browse every day and find new, interesting sites to read and stretch your pre-conceptions. Or, not.

Stasis is the default condition of the lazy and the slave. If, however, you are just a Prisoner, a free person and not a number, the blogosphere can help you find your freedom from learnt and learned oppression.