Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Climate Science and Scientists

Two posts today which highlight the still nascent state of climate research. The first is an exchange between two very contrasting climate blogs, both in style and credibility: read the post and decide who you'd rather trust. Hint: one is by an old-style climatologist with no ulterior motive, the other by an academic whose career is intimately tied to the global warming narrative.

second post is a quick news release along with a link to the comments by reviewers of the latest IPCC report. The much vaunted consensus alleged by proponents of AGW is revealed to be far less conclusive with an overall confusion between hypothesis and evidence and a large number of scientists concerned by the fact that the science of climate change is being consistently over-stated in the political summary publicized by the IPCC.

Climate is changing. That is not in dispute.
Human activity influences climate. That is not in dispute.
That these two things add together and form the dominant, or even a prominent, cause for environmental alarmism: that is in dispute.

it seems the educational system, the mainstream media and all the celebrities combined are still failing to indoctrinate the average citizen: a new poll in Britain finds global warming is perceived to be less of a threat than terrorism, graffiti, crime and dog mess.
So the average Brit is more stressed by dog poop than Al Gore's hype. Go figure.