Saturday, July 07, 2007

The climate pop thingy

Well, I had a real decision to make: ignore the whole pop celebrity, how to live your lifer properly to music thing today, or post some pithy comment on it. I can find few good original words. Spent my day looking at a new car, getting the dogs toenails clipped and focusing on the start to the Tour de France. So, lazy way out, I'm going to promote the various takes on today's event from Spiked, here, here and here. Between them, the three articles cover all the bases:
  • celebrity politicisation of science
  • things we should be focusing on, and
  • the inherent, insipid morality of today's environmentalism.
(Except of course for the daily update of real science that contradicts Gore's claims).

Conversely, I also found this link to Jefferson's original drafting of the Declaration of Independence, which Heinlein had referred to in one of his books but I had not read previously.

Infinitely more inspiring as a call to genuine political action: those citing independence were putting their lives on the line -- not telling others what to do, brainwashing youth to act out their fantasies, but leading from the front.