Monday, July 23, 2007

Coyote Blog: The 60-Second Climate Skeptic

From Coyote Blog comes this 60 second summary of climate skepticism, which distils this full-length 80 page discussion.
What I admire about these posts are that they are solid efforts by a layperson to both comprehend and communicate our understanding of climate change and the AGW theory.  That Warren Meyer as the author has made these efforts available, readable and as accessible as he has is both a credit to him and an excellent demonstration of the ability of the blogoshpere to turn all of us into publishers.
As to his content: many will find his arguments persuasive but doubtless, there will be those whose ideological predisposition will be to disregard what he is saying.  To those, there is still merit in reading Meyer's paper as it highlights the basics of why so many lay people remain unconvinced about AGW and unswayed by the dogma being thrust at them.